Fiona Bow, the history of the brand


Fiona Bow Hair Accessories was born via Instagram in January 2019 and the success was immediate. In March of that same year, Grazia UK magazine included Fiona Bow in an article in its print edition, along with other new brands that were leading a digital revolution by clicking through Instagram.
Recognition at a Spanish level was not long in coming and, in April 2019, WOMAN magazine echoed the success of Fiona Bow’s personalized barrettes in an extensive article. Worn by a multitude of actresses, presenters, models and “influencers”, Fiona Bow’s french barrettes became the main protagonists of “street style” during 2019.
Subsequently, other publications did not take long to highlight the beauty of Fiona Bow’s velvet bows. In May 2019, TELVA magazine also included an article in its printed edition, by Alejandra de Rojas, which highlighted the quality made in Spain and personalization of Fiona Bow’s hand-sewn bows.
Finally, in October 2019, ELLE magazine also recognized the indisputable success of Fiona Bow, and included it in its annual list of 30 brands made in Spain to get out of the ordinary. Author designs, sustainable garments and exclusive accessories made in Spain were part of his coveted list.
Well into 2020, Fiona Bow had one of her greatest accolades awaiting her. In the print edition of VOGUE magazine for the month of February, dedicated to Spanish tradition and crafts, Fiona Bow’s craftsmanship was recognized with her velvet bows and personalized barrettes, highlighting it in an article in her brands to know section.